After last year's disappointing Vita showing at E3, Sony has since gone to great lengths to show it plans to support the struggling handheld with loads of new games. In a move showing just how much faith Sony still has in its portable device, the company announced plans to stream its E3 2013 press conference live on the Vita.

At 9PM EST on June 10th, you'll be able to get an early look at Sony's E3 announcements, as the company will host its annual press conference the day before the actual convention begins. Though there will be various ways to watch the event even if you're not in Los Angeles (typically Spike and Game Trailers team for coverage on television), Sony has promised you can use your own proprietary Sony devices to get in on the action.

CVG spotted a post on the European PlayStation Blog where manager Fred Dutton revealed plans to stream the event on the Vita. "We’re finalizing plans now, but yes, you will be able to watch the show somewhere, somehow on your Vita," Dutton said. Last year Sony streamed the event on Ustream, but has yet to announce any plans for where you'll be able to tune in outside of the Vita. Perhaps the PlayStation 3 will also get some love, but Sony is likely going to have more concrete details in the coming days as E3's launch looms ever closer.