Like SNL, too much hilarity has cycled through the news in the last few months alone, not to have South Park back in our lives. Thankfully, that long national nightmare is over, as in addition to the recent renewals, South Park has officially set a September return date to Comedy Central.

South Park’s official Twitter account confirmed the news Monday, setting Matt Stone and Trey Parker’s most beloved creation to premiere its 19th (!) season in mid-September.

We can likely expect the same run of ten episodes, down from the past divide of seven and seven, which reportedly put a strain on both Stone and Parker. They’ll certainly need the rest, given that Comedy Central recently renewed the series through 2019, or three orders of ten episodes per year, while the pair previously insisted the network would have to cancel them to end the series.

In addition to the renewed order putting Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman over the mark of 300 episodes, next year will see South Park celebrating its 20th anniversary as well. In the meantime, mark your calendars for September 16, as we wait for South Park to return for Season 19.

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