Likely owing to the last-minute production schedule (that even in past years saw an episode bumped due to a blackout), our first look at South Park Season 19 understandably brings no new footage. Still, with Cartman looming over South Park in advance of its September 16 premiere, one expects that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are eager to get back into the mix with Cartman’s take on any number of topics.

Fortunately for us, Comedy Central recently renewed the series through 2019, or three orders of ten episodes per year, while the pair previously insisted the network would have to cancel them to end the series. In addition to the renewed order putting Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman over the mark of 300 episodes, next year will see South Park celebrating its 20th anniversary as well.

Stay tuned for the latest on the September 16 South Park premiere, and tremble beneath Cartman in the Season 19 tease above.

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