Did you miss 'Saturday Night Live' last night? Well, fret not, gentle television viewer with a highly restrictive bedtime and/or busy late night schedule! With the power of the internet, there's no reason to ever fall behind on the best (and occasionally worst) material that the immortal SNL has to offer. This week, Josh Brolin took on hosting duties, but the most buzzed about moment was when someone, who may or may not be named Steven Spielberg, made a special appearance.

Laser Cats made their inevitable and triumphant return to SNL's Digital Shorts, but with a certain Oscar-winning director of legendary proportions in tow.

Yep, Steven Spielberg popped up last night to present Lorne Michaels himself with the latest chapter of the Laser Cats series, which just so happens to be chock-full of references to some of The Beard's greatest films. Your tolerance for lowbrow, dumb-as-a-pile-of-rocks comedy will measure how much you'll enjoy this short, but Spielberg's obviously having a grand time.