It's hard not to be excited for a new Spike Jonze film, especially after such greats as 'Being John Malkovich' and 'Adaptation.' His latest is filled with great actors, and it looks like Olivia Wilde has just been added to the mix.

The film is set to star Joaquin Phoenix, Rooney Mara, Amy Adams and Samantha Morton along with Wilde (according to The Playlist), and is about a man (Phoenix) who falls in love with the computer voice on his phone. It's a good thing that didn't happen to Samuel L. Jackson or John Malkovich.

The film is currently untitled, but it has secured financing. It's being backed by Megan Ellison, who has been behind the works of such great artists as Paul Thomas Anderson and Terrence Malick, and is helping to produce Charlie Kaufman's next film. Truly, Ellison's production company has been one of the most interesting and challenging companies looking to produce films today, and anything they step behind is usually something interesting. They're also producing David O. Russell's 'American Bulls---.'

Wilde has mostly been chasing commercial work, with such mixed blockbusters as 'Cowboys and Aliens' and 'Tron: Legacy,' but that's what happens when you're as attractive as Wilde. Between her casting in this and the new Peter Bogdanovich film, it looks like she's looking for greater challenges than fight scenes.