Last Friday news broke that writer Roberto Orci will no longer be making his directorial debut on ‘Star Trek 3.’ The sequel, which will be released the same year as the television show’s 50th anniversary in 2016, is now without a director as Paramount seeks to replace Orci. Although no details were given at the time, online reports suggest that Orci was booted due to the studio’s unhappiness with his script and vision. But what does the notoriously contentious Orci have to say about all of this? The former director popped up on a ‘Star Trek’ fan site to leave a few messages.

A little background info: Last year, Orci got into a bit of a fight with ‘Star Trek’ fans on after they criticized ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ and voted it the worst ‘Trek’ movie ever made. Since then, Orci has disabled his Twitter account and mostly disappeared from social media … until now.

Courtesy of Slashfilm, Orci returned to the scene of his previous ranting and paid a little visit to speak up about ‘Star Trek 3.’ The writer and producer of the modern ‘Trek’ films was more friendly this time, posting “I will be very involved” with a smiley face emoticon. He also responded to comments, saying he’s “still excited” to make the third ‘Star Trek’ film and added, “We’ll find the right director!” Orci also wanted to address rumors about his script, which reportedly focused on a time travel device that the Vulcans want to use to go back in time and stop the destruction of their planet. He posted, “no time travel was ever considered, FYI,” and when asked whether he would eventually post his version of the script online, Orci said, “I can’t at the moment, but someday,” with a wink-y face emoticon.

So that’s what Orci has to say for the time being, emoticons and all.

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