Star Trek Beyond was one of the highlights of 2016’s slow summer blockbuster season, providing us all with a healthy dose of going boldly just in time for the original show’s 50th anniversary. But before all the action-packed mayhem that takes up most of the second half of the film, Beyond has a few quieter moments that show the crew of the Enterprise in more personal moments.

This short deleted scene was released as an exclusive by USA Today. It’s a short conversation between Kirk (Chris Pine) and Scotty (Simon Pegg) after they arrive at Starbase Yorktown for some R&R. Kirk seems a little awkward without a ship to manage, and he asks Scotty is he wants to hang out, but his engineer has other plans with someone else. Nothing much happens in the scene, but you can tell that Kirk feels a little weird outside of the Enterprise. It’s a telling moment, because one of the plot points in the film is that this is going to be Kirk’s last mission: he’s about to accept a position as Vice Admiral in charge of Yorktown and leave his captaincy at the Enterprise. It’s not a great sign if he already feels uncomfortable onboard the space station.

IGN has the full report on the DVD/Blu-ray/digital release of Beyond, complete with all the versions of the film you can get on home video, as well as a list of all the available bonus features. Star Trek Beyond comes out on Blu-ray and DVD November 1.

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