Christmas has come a little early for 'Star Trek' fans, as J.J. Abrams' sequel 'Star Trek into Darkness' has given Empire Magazine some new stills from the movie. They suggest that the big summer movie will have action, and costumes.

Here are those stills:

And here are the collectable covers, all thanks to Empire Magazine:

There's not much new in the pictures, but surely J.J. and company will talk a big game in the interviews in the magazine. As in the quote above Abrams suggests that Benedict Cumberbatch's character is the mirror of Chris Pine's Kirk. And that, yes, his name really is John Harrison, or at least it's the name he goes by.

Paramount and everyone involved is really staking this as one of the big events for summer 2013, as the last couple of weeks have been filled with all sorts of 'Trek' stuff, between the new trailer and the nine minutes of footage in front of 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.' This probably means we'll get a Superbowl spot, and perhaps - like 'The Avengers' - we'll get about twenty minutes of footage from the film released before the movie comes out. But as Abrams like to keep his surprises, we wonder how guarded the film can be in this era of clip-heavy promotions. Will we find if Khan really is in the movie before it comes out? We'll know for sure May 17, when the film hits theaters.