The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer debuted late last night (early this morning?) and it offered up our first official look at the mysterious 'Star Trek' sequel. So we slowed the trailer down and took some juicy HD screencaps to see what intel we could uncover hidden in the footage. So what did we find? Read on!

Hey, it's Kirk! And he's looking at someone! But who?

A shot of some kind of temple surrounded by a lot of thick, red grass.

And here's Kirk and Bones escaping from said temple (also notable for Bones' derp face). Whatever they're trying to get away from, they're concerned enough that they jump off a cliff into some rocky water.

Ahh, our first new face. This is Alice Eve, who they say is playing a brand new character to the 'Star Trek' canon, though we know she's some type of scientist by the color of her uniform (blue). Something about the look on her face though makes us wonder if her intentions are perhaps sinister... A spy? (UPDATE: Some further research leads us to believe Eve might actually be playing Elizabeth Dehner. The look is certainly the same and the story sort of fits, assuming you believe Cumberbatch is playing Gary Mitchell. And, if so, our belief that she may have an ulterior motive wasn't so far fetched.....)

A mysterious figure fires down upon another person, likely a Klingon based on the building and some of the writing on the wall. We're not sure but we're guessing this is the villain played by Benedict Cumberbatch (and fully glimpsed later in the trailer).

Later on in the fight sequence. This weapon is also used as a club to kick this guy's ass.

Kirk and Uhura looking very concerned.

From the earlier fight sequence, Cumber-villain has removed his hood and revealed himself, pulling out a smaller weapon and pointing it at his prey.

Spock descending into a volcano with a briefcase in his hands.

And now just walking casually inside the volcano amidst the lava.


Spock approaching someone (or something?) with caution.

The USS Enterprise rising up out of the water. So now the Enterprise can travel underwater it seems.

Whatever Spock was doing in the volcano it has caused an eruption of lava shooting upward.

Another part of the earlier fight with Cumber-villain. Here he's got a blade of some sort. Dude's got a lot of weapons.

That's Kirk in the chair being fired upon in some sort of Starfleet conference room. The explosion propels him backward.

Kirk about to punch Cumber-villain in the face.

Spock running through a town on Earth (architecture on the film's poster seems to hint at London) with phaser in hand.

Cumber-villain jumping through the glass door of the building trying to get away from someone. Likely Spock who (above) is giving chase.

The Alice Eve character giving good scream.

Uh-oh. Sadness rocks the crew of the Enterprise. Uhura breaks down in tears on Scotty's shoulder, who is also crying.

Kirk tries to stop someone or something from falling.

Cumber-villain punching back. Kirk?


Glare right back. Cumber-villain sitting in what appears to be Kirk's captain's chair wearing a black Starfleet uniform.

Not much notable going on in this scene but we love that guy's outfit on the left.

It appears as if aircraft(s) are crashing into future London as civilians flee.

A wide shot of the crash.

The Japanese trailer offers a slightly longer bit of footage, including this shot of Kirk with the dialogue from Cumber-villain, "Is there anything you would not do for your family?"

The final shot in the Japanese trailer. That's Spock's hand on the far side of the glass and this shot harks back to his death at the end of 'Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan' (watch the clip here). This would seem to be a dead giveaway that Khan is the villain in 'Star Trek Into Darkness' but is this a big misdirection? For J.J. Abrams and crew to be so secretive up until now and then have something so blatant at the end of their trailer seems odd but maybe that's why this was missing from the U.S. trailer.