Roland Emmerich didn’t go far to pick up screenwriters for the reboot of his 1994 film ‘Stargate.’ The director has set the writers of ‘Independence Day 2' to work on the upcoming film, which will reboot the series and kick-off a trilogy of new ‘Stargate’ movies, which will then presumably kick-off another 20 years of ‘Stargate’ spin-off TV shows. ‘Stargate’ forever.

THR reports that ‘Independence Day 2' writers Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods have pleased Emmerich so much that the director has brought them aboard ‘Stargate.’ Emmerich will direct the reboot of his own film, with original co-writer Dean Devlin producing.

The 1994 ‘Stargate’ starred Kurt Russell and James Spader in a story about a wormhole discovered by scientists and the military, which allows those who enter to travel to another world. While there, they discover an enslaved population who are descendants from the ancient Egyptian people. The film spawned several television spin-offs, beginning with ‘Stargate SG-1' and ending more recently with ‘SGU Stargate Universe.’

In addition to writing, Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods are also actors—Wright stars on the TV series ‘Manhattan Love Story,’ and had a small role in Emmerich’s ‘White House Down.’ Woods had a recurring role on the TV series ‘Being Human’ and has done a lot of video game voice work. Wright and Woods have also sold an action thriller script to Emmerich’s production company, which is how they wound up on his radar in the first place. Good for them.