Have you ever wanted all of New York's hottest night clubs listed in one place? You're in luck! Stefon from 'SNL' lists 'em all in this great compilation.

Originally found on Tumblr user StoopidSarah's blog, the internet's hottest video is Stefon naming all of New York's hottest clubs. This compilation has everything! Gush, PUUUUSH, Trash, and all the other ridiculous clubs Stefon has promoted in every appearance on 'SNL''s Weekend Update, ever.

Now all we need is someone to put together compilations of every time he explains "that thing of when a midget..." or every time he breaks character, or every time he's hit on Seth Meyers.

Stefon may just be Bill Hader's greatest character ever, a club kid who stops by Weekend Update to give inappropriate night club recommendations for people looking for things to do in New York. Is it Mother's Day? Take your mom to a night club! Bringing the kids to New York for a vacation? Try a night club! Hader never really knows what'll pop up on that teleprompter, causing him to break character at least once or twice each appearance, and while that behavior is typically frowned upon, with Stefon it's always a delight.

Check out the video below and be sure to thank the internet for being so awesome.