Has anyone out there ever listened to the ‘Step Brothers’ audio commentary? It's 100 times funnier than the actual film. How? Well, it’s a musical, which means Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly and director Adam McKay sing the entire track. They dance through rap, opera, country ... everything, all scored by composer Jon Brion. It’s genius – and apparently was supposed to be the start of something bigger.

Reilly did a red-carpet interview with MTV at CinemaCon where he revealed that they once planned to do a ‘Step Brothers’ rap album, and might have moved forward with it if McKay and company had decided to to the ‘Step Brothers’ sequel instead of ‘Anchorman 2.’ In fact, Reilly says he’s already written the first track on said rap album, and it’s called, ‘Who Ate the Motherf---ing Cheese?’

He’s probably joking. Then again, they sang an entire audio commentary, so maybe not.

Reilly also revealed that he originally was supposed to be a part of the ‘Anchorman’ franchise, saying he was set to play “the sports guy” Champ Kind (which eventually went to David Koechner), but he was doing another film and schedules didn’t work out. No sour grapes, however, as Reilly praises the team and says he, like us, can’t wait to see ‘Anchorman 2.’

Listen to the interview in it’s entirety below, then fantasize what a ‘Step Brothers’ rap album would have sounded like for the rest of the day.