Right off the bat: We don’t need more movie sequels in this world. We’ve got enough. We’ve got more than enough. We’re good. If Hollywood made less sequels, I would be fine with it. If they made half as many sequels, I would be delighted.


IF we were to get more sequels — and given the state of the movie business, we are always going to get more sequels — these are the ones it would be nice to see. In some cases, they are no longer possible; actors or directors have passed away, creative partnerships have broken up, or too much time has passed since the original films came out. But all of the 20 titles below would have made for amazing franchises at some point in the past.

In some cases, sequels or series were even planned, only for them to fall through because the box office totals weren’t good enough, or because an artist’s plans changed, or because luck was simply not in the project’s favor. That’s just the way it goes in the movie world some times. But we can always look back and wonder ... what if?

Here are 20 films that deserved second (or third or tenth) installments and sadly never got them. (But again, it’s okay that we didn’t get them. This is an intellectual exercise. I’m not seriously pitching any of these projects.)

(Except for the second to last one; that one needs to happen.)

Movies That Should Have Become Franchises But Didn’t

These movies were good enough to get sequels, or whole franchises. But it never happened for a variety of reasons.

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