Because you can never have too much '50 Shades of Grey' movie updates, here's one all you duel 'Arrow' and BDSM literature fans might enjoy. While speculation heats up as to which male heartthrob will be taking on the lead role of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of E.L. James' book, Stephen Amell has confirmed that he actually sat down for a meeting with the movie reps to discuss the project. So is he or isn't he?

During a Facebook Q&A session (via EW) with his adoring fans, Amell confirmed that he did in fact have a meeting about '50 Shades of Grey.' "I get questions about Christian Grey all the time," he said in a video response. "That project is a long way off. I know this, because I had a meeting about it. Long way off. ... I mean, not that long, but not close. I wouldn’t call it long, but I wouldn’t call it close."

Does anyone know if it's a long way off or a short way off? (Sorry, we had to.)

We all now know Amell as the star of the hit CW superhero series 'Arrow,' but before he became the disguised vigilante, he was a gigolo... on screen that is. He starred opposite Thomas Jane in the third season of HBO's 'Hung,' in which he portrayed a younger, rival male prostitute to Jane's Ray Drecker. Long story short, he does have experience when it comes to the overtly sexual roles, but would he want to return to his old ways for '50 Shades of Grey' now that he's established himself as an superhero force to be reckoned with?

While other names like Alexander Skarsgard and James Deen (whose earlier Twitter campaign suggests his main goal in life is to play this part) have been rumored to be in the mix, this is one of the more solid bits of information we have in regards to an actual contender. So do you think Amell has what it takes to pull of Christian Grey? Do you think he will? Sound off in the comments.