At long last, Arrow is opening up the quiver for a sixth season; newly freed from the five-year flashback format and free to chart its own destiny. Well, minus what whole “Who did the Season 5 finale ker-plode into a million pieces?” thing, anyway.

Ahead of Season 6, we break down everything you need to know before the trip back to Star City, including who survived, who’s coming to menace the team, and what leftover Season 5 mysteries are coming back to haunt Oliver in a big way. And as with our primer for The Flash Season 4, there’s also a whole lot of crossover to keep in mind for the big four-way event this year.

String your bow and take aim, because here’s everything you need to know:

Arrow Season 6 will premiere Thursday, October 12 with “Fallout,” airing Thursdays on The CW thereafter.

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