Where last week brought the earth-shattering late night news that David Letterman would descend the 'Late Show' throne to retire in 2015, and yesterday brought the surprisingly quick announcement that 'The Colbert Report''s Stephen Colbert would fill the seat, we knew the reactions would be quick. Watch Colbert and 'The Daily Show''s Jon Stewart react to the news from yesterday's new episodes!

Where Stewart takes the straight man approach to congratulate his former 'Daily Show' colleague and fondly recall some of their more character-breaking segments, Colbert's 'Colbert Report' persona doesn't once break character in discussing the news. Rather than draw attention to himself, Colbert jokes that news of Dave's retirement a week earlier had simply slipped through his news cracks, and that "I do not envy whoever they try to put in that chair.”

As of yet, Letterman has yet to set a formal retirement date for 2015, while few creative details of Colbert's 'Late Night' ascension have been announced. Most reports suggest that Colbert will keep to New York, as will the 'Late Show' to the famous Ed Sullivan theater, though Stewart points out the possibility of the nearby Hustler Club, another venue Sullivan supposedly frequented.

It's only the dawn of a brand new late night day, so check out Colbert and Stewart's reactions to the 'Late Show' news above and below, and tell us what you think of the shakeup in the comments!

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