Just when we thought we’d had our fill of changes to the late-night landscape by Jon Stewart’s final week, in comes Stephen Colbert to remind us of the new Late Show era. So, what can we expect from the former Colbert Report-er? Puppies, card tricks, and even Mitt Romney!

As aired during Sunday’s CBS lineup, our first look at the new Late Show with Stephen Colbert sees the fresh host promising fascinating conversations with actors, athletes, musicians, even an incredulous Romney, who seems only interested in an unsettling number of pancakes. Other spots see Colbert busting out his Charlie Rose trapper-keeper, and even some puppies, why not?

Colbert hasn’t exactly stayed quiet during the off season, first touting his return by dispensing with the Colbeard, getting in on the Donald Trump game, and more recently setting up a daily lunch date webseries. It’ll still take some adjustment to embrace Colbert’s more reserved comedy stylings, rather than the ultra-conservative blowhard of his late-night past, but if the new Late Show promos are any indication, we’ll be there for the September 8 premiere.

You can catch Colbert’s newest promos above and below, with more on the way in the coming weeks.

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