In a world where a man wakes up from a coma with a weird pink spaghetti arm coming out of his head, anything is possible, even mind reading. That's just the kind of place we're going to get to visit in Zoink! Studios' Stick it to the Man.

Revealed on the PlayStation Blog, Stick it to the Man is coming to the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita later this year. The game follows formerly comatose protagonist Ray as he tries to evade The Man and his agents, who are curious about his newfound abilities. Lucky for Ray, his new bizarre mutation allows him to read the minds of other people in the game. Not only can Ray use these hidden thoughts for puzzle solving, but he can actually just pull the thoughts straight out of others' minds, or input new thoughts entirely to get out of tight spots.

With dialogue written by 'Adventure Time' writer Ryan North, the game certainly has a unique charm, as you can tell in the above announcement trailer. The puzzle solving is very cleverly integrated by way of stickers, which Ray can use to control characters and the environment. Stick it to the Man won't be out for a few more months, but this debut trailer has definitely captured our attention.