'Stretch' has gone through a bit of a rough period. The film, directed by Joe Carnahan and produced by Jason Blum, was originally set for a theatrical premiere back in March, but Universal Studios decided to drop it from its release slate, choosing to utilize other creative methods. Now, with an Amazon and iTunes release on October 7, and a VOD release on October 14, the first 'Stetch' trailer has debuted online.

We've already seen the likes of Chris Pine and Norman Reedus having some fun in previously released teaser videos, but Entertainment Weekly's premiere of the 'Stretch' trailer shows something more along the lines of 'The Transporter' ... but with a sense of humor. Starring Patrick Wilson, the film sees a limo driver owing a lot of money to some bad folks and must turn over the dough by midnight. In desperation, he takes a job from a crazed billionaire and 'Hangover'-style shenanigans ensue.

And, yes, it may not look like it at first, but that hippie-dippie-looking fellow with one helluva beard is indeed Chris Pine.

'Stretch' also features the likes of Jessica Alba, Ed Helms, Brooklyn Decker and Ray Liotta. Aside from the trailer premiere (above), you should also watch those teasers below. Did Norman Reedus saw off his junk? Find out!

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