Sony brought a lot of attention to indie developers during its E3 press conference, which shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone following the plans for the PlayStation 4 set in motion way back in February. However, Sony did announce another big exclusive debut, giving them another leg up on the competition.

Supergiant Games will be releasing its upcoming action game Transistor on the PlayStation 4 before any other console. This won't affect its PC availability, however, Supergiant "switching teams" after the success of Bastion on the Xbox 360 was another major coup for Sony.

Earlier in the year, Sony announced the PlayStation 4 would also be the exclusive home to Jonathan Blow's The Witness on consoles. Blow was also a former Xbox 360 alumnus, whose Braid is still regarded as one of the finest indie games on the aging console.

There's still no date in sight for when Transistor will arrive, but you can bet it's going to be one of the more popular indie games on Sony's next-gen console.