We've danced with the stars, we've listened to the voice, and we've seen some pretty amazing races, but there's nothing quite as good as one of the longer-running reality shows of our age, 'Survivor!'

Going on near of a twelve-year run, last night saw the culmination of the latest off-shoot 'Survivor: One World,' one of the first that saw both tribes living at the same campsite from the very beginning.  So who took home the big bucks?  Your answer inside...

Survivor One World Kim Spradlin

It's Kim Spradlin the bridal shop owner, with seven votes!  Kim made it to the final Tribal Council after winning two immunity challenges, and never even needing to use her hidden immunity idol.  From an early point, Kim dominated the social, strategic and physical aspects of the game, beating out Sabrina, Chelsea, Alicia and Christina in the final rounds.  It's of interest to note that this was the first 'Survivor' that saw all its final contestants be women.

Kim also won the final challenge, which consisted of a race to move ten small bowls that must then be stacked on top of each other through a steel channel resting on a spring, while the first one to get all ten through and stacked would win.  Surprisingly, the real upset came during the final council, where the notoriously troublesome Kat implored the cast to vote for the best player rather than any kind of sabotage, saying “It takes a lot more energy to be angry about what happened in this game. And it’s a lot easier to smile and to forgive and be happy, so that’s what I’m gonna say.”

Perhaps adding insult to injury, Kim even won the Sprint challenge for Player of the Season, adding a cool $100,000 atop her winnings.

What say you?  Was Kim the right person to win, or did you have another contestant in mind?  What were your favorite moments from the season?  Speak your mind in the comments section below, and check out video of the final win!

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