‘Mother’s Day’ sounds like the next Garry Marshall ensemble comedy centered around a generic holiday. Thankfully, it’s not … and the reality of the situation sounds much more interesting, especially when it stars the two women up above.

Oscar winner Susan Sarandon and her own daughter, Eva Amurri Martino, have signed on to star in ‘Mother’s Day,’ an indie drama written and directed by Paul Duddridge, will follow 12 sets of mother-daughter combos over the course of a single Mother’s Day – according to Deadline. OK, so that still vaguely sounds like it could be a Marshall movie. If Ashton Kutcher lands a role, you have our permission to panic.

This isn’t the first time that Martino has played a version of her famous mom. She played Sarandon’s on-screen daughter in the comedy ‘The Banger Sisters,’ and played a younger version of Sarandon’s character in ‘Dead Man Walking.’

Sarandon and Martino are the first pair cast in the film. I hope they get similarly interesting mother-daughter combos as the cast comes together. We’ll keep you posted.