24: Legacy

'24' Anthology Series Might Do Away With CTU Altogether
The floundering of FOX’s 24: Legacy gave way to potential anthology talk, but the reboot may be more drastic than we thought. According to FOX brass, any future iterations of 24 might do away with the counter-terrorism approach altogether, looking to take “the same kind of ticking clock format and apply it to something else.”
'Walking Dead' in Talks to Revisit Heath After '24: Legacy'
The casting of any given Walking Dead star on another series is usually an ominous portent of things to come, as we expected of Corey Hawkins after joining FOX’s 24: Legacy. Season 7 surprisingly took a different route with Heath’s fate, for which the actor claims AMC and FOX are negotiating a return appearance in the future.
'24: Legacy' Bosses Have Plans to Return Chloe, If Not Jack
FOX has made reasonably adamant that next year’s 24: Legacy would serve to carry on the spirit of the franchise moreso than its characters, something Kiefer Sutherland aggressively seems to corroborate. That said, producers might have in mind to return at least Mary Lynn Rajskub’s Chloe before long.
Kiefer Sutherland Wanted Jack Bauer to Die for '24: Legacy'
The very existence of FOX’s upcoming 24: Legacy serves as reminder that Jack Bauer’s time has passed, producers even having entertained the thought of killing off their beleaguered hero in 2014 revival Live Another Day. That said, it seems Kiefer Sutherland himself led the charge in killing off Jack, casting serious doubt the actor would ever agree to reprise the role.

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