Common Is Still Down for ‘Green Lantern Corps’
In the alternate universe where politics is good and the books spell it “Berenstein” instead of “Berenstain,” a George Miller-directed Justice League movie exists and is beloved by all. Miller had plans to direct the superhero team-up about a decade ago and had a cast all lined up — which included Common as Green Lantern’s fellow Lantern John Stewart and Armie Hammer as Batman — but then the writers’ strike happened and Miller turned his sights to resurrecting Mad Max instead. Now that a Green Lantern Corps movie is happening and Warner Bros. is casting around for its two emerald-clad leads, Common just wants everyone to know that he’d still be down if anyone asked.
Enjoy a Slew of New Images from ‘John Wick Chapter 2’
He’s back, and he’s brought some friends along with him. Or, more likely, enemies, because he’s John Wick. Feast your eyes on a bunch of new images from the upcoming John Wick Chapter 2, featuring new characters played by the likes of Ruby Rose, Ian McShane, Common, and more. Even the stills look fantastic; there’s a reason this movie made our Most Anticipated Movies of 2017 list.
Ice Cube and Common to Host ‘Barbershop 3’ Town Hall Special
The hottest franchise property this spring doesn’t have any leveled cities, declarations about whether men are or are not still good, or bulging muscles writhing beneath colored spandex. Barbershop: the Next Cut, the third installment in the Barbershop Cinematic Universe, will debut on April 15 and undoubtedly upend the many box-office records that Batman vs... Read More ...
Get a Fresh Lineup From the New ‘Barbershop: the Next Cut’ Trailer
It’s been 11 years since the last film in the Barbershop connected cinematic universe, but that hasn’t deterred the powers that be from giving it a fresh trim and getting it back out in the world. Shifting hands from MGM to Warner Bros., the newest installment Barbershop 3: the Next Cut will come to theaters next year with some high-profile additions to the cast.
Judy Greer to Make Directorial Debut
The title of Judy Greer’s directorial debut could very well serve as a headline for Judy Greer making her directorial debut. Following a year in which the excellent actress was annoyingly sidelined with thankless roles in films like Jurassic World and Ant-Man, Greer is getting behind the camera to make her own movie — a dramedy starring Common and Allison Janney.
‘John Wick 2’ Casts Common as the Bad Guy
John Wick 2 is heading into production this week (what a time to be alive!) with Keanu Reeves returning as the titular badass protagonist. Every good guy needs a bad guy to stand in his way, and this time around it’s rapper / actor Common who will be giving John Wick a tough time — and eventually getting his face annihilated by our favorite puppy-loving hero.
Common Joins the 'Suicide Squad' Lineup
Production recently began on David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, but that hasn’t stopped the director from adding to the film’s super-villainous lineup. Joining the impressive and ever-growing roster of stars is rapper/actor Common, last seen in last year’s critically acclaimed Selma.
‘LUV’ Review
Much like 'Training Day,' 'LUV' begins with two men in uniform on a journey investigating the line between criminal activity and personal responsibility. In 'LUV,' however, the uniform is not that of a police officer, but a clean business suit worn in contrast to the street clothes of Baltimore's thugs. Also: one of the men is actually still a boy, an impressionable pre-adolescent who lives with h