John Wick is back, and this time with a new pup, a new suit, and a lotta guns.

The first awesome teaser trailer for John Wick Chapter 2 premiered today at New York Comic-Con to a packed house at Madison Square Garden. Keanu Reeves, director Chad Stahelski, screenwriter Derek Kolstad, and stars Ian McShane and Common took the stage to discuss the new movie.

The panel showed off a behind-the scenes reel that was full of action. A warning message was displayed on stage beforehand to warn attendees of the violence, fighting and “lots and lots of guns” featured in the new footage, and they weren’t kidding. This sequel is packed with gun-fu. One part of the reel even show Stahleski dropping his jaw while watching a sequence on a monitor (get excited). Here’s what we learned about the new movie from the panel:

So why is John Wick out of retirement?

Reeves’ titular hitman finished his job at the end of John Wick, so why is he back for a sequel? Kolstad explained that John made a blood oath to get out of the hitman business, but because he returned to take care of Michael Nyqvist’s Viggo Tarasov, the person he made that oath with will soon show up. “For all the different treatments and screenplays that we did, the one that we [held] onto is that there’s this item called The Marker, which is regulated by The Continental,” Kolstad said. “It’s kind of a blood oath, meaning that John Wick gave someone the ultimate request so that he could get out alive, and because he has resurfaced, they have resurfaced to actually cash it in. But John Wick has changed.”

The sequel takes place 4 days after the first movie.

What, four days?! Kolstad said the sequel picks up the week following the events of the first movie, but Stahelski chimed in to clarify: “four days.” Ah, so that’s why Lance Reddick’s hotel concierge Charon tells John in the new teaser, “How good to see you again so soon.” It makes sense that the new movie picks up so quickly – whoever John made that blood oath with certainly isn’t taking their time.


The fate of John’s new dog is, sadly, unknown.

The pitbull Joh rescued at the end of the first movie is back in the sequel, which should make you very, very worried. Producer Basil Iwanyk joked that every time he told people he was making John Wick 2, their first response was, “Oh my god, are you going to kill the dog again?” After the Russian mobsters killed John’s beagle, we can’t imagine they’d put us through another dog death. But I’m sad to report that Iwanyk wouldn’t spill any secrets on the fate of John’s pup. “You guys will see what happens to the dog,” he said. There will still be tons of death, though. “Needless to say that we killed about 80 Italians in the movie.”

Common isn’t exactly John’s enemy.

Common’s new hitman is seen fighting John twice in the new teaser, but he’s not really a bad guy. “My character is not necessarily a villain. But our characters — we have some disagreements,” the rapper-actor said before Reeves added, “We have different points of view.” Common joked that the movie is “an assassin’s love story,” and Reeves came up with the perfect tagline: “There’s a thin line between love and hate.” So in. John Wick Chapter 3?


John Wick Chapter 2 = a Matrix reunion.

Stahelski and Reeves had previously worked with Laurence Fishburne on The Matrix trilogy, so it only makes sense to turn the John Wick sequel into a reunion for Neo and Morpheus. Kolstad wrote the character of the Bowler King, an assassin described as a John’s “pseudo-ally” in the movie, specifically with Fishburne in mind. Reeves said it all came together when he ran into his former co-star at a social event. “He was like, ‘Hey man I really like John Wick.’ And we were like, ‘Oh yeah?’” Next thing you know Fishburne read the script and took the part.

John Wick Chapter 2 also stars Bridget Moynahan, John Leguizamo, Ruby Rose, and Peter Stormare. The film hits theaters February 10, 2017.

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