Danny Masterson

Netflix Fires Executive Who Doubted Danny Masterson's Accusers
It took Netflix suspiciously long to sever ties with Danny Masterson in the wake of numerous rape allegations, and the reason why added a new layer of shame to the matter. A Netflix exec inadvertently explained to an accuser that management simply didn’t believe the allegations, and the streaming service has now parted ways with said company man.
Why Hasn’t Netflix Fired an Actor Accused of Raping Four Women?
When Kevin Spacey was hit with allegations of sexual misconduct, Netflix took swift, immediate action: Production on House of Cards was suspended as Netflix launched an internal investigation, and Spacey’s employment with the streaming giant was terminated. While the company acted responsibly in the wake of growing allegations against Spacey, it also came under fire for its hypocrisy. Danny Masterson, star of The Ranch, is the subject of an active police investigation based on four women’s claims that the actor raped them in the early 2000s. Netflix has taken no action against Masterson, and according to at least one company executive, there’s a disturbing reason behind it.