Fight Club

‘Fight Club‘ Rock Opera in the Works With David Fincher
This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of plans for a Fight Club musical — director David Fincher has spoken about it for years, originally targeting the film’s 10th anniversary in 2009. That obviously didn’t happen, but according to author Chuck Palahniuk, we may be closer than ever to seeing the dream of a Fight Club rock opera made reality.
20 Facts You May Not Know About ‘Fight Club’
If you're a big Fight Club fan (and, if so, who can blame you), you might have seen a lot of the subliminal messages cut throughout the film like the many split-second Tyler Durden appearances or the occasional flashes of, ahem, the male anatomy. But, here's something you may have missed: director David Fincher says there is a Starbucks coffee cup hidden in every scene of the movie.
Posters for Sequels That Never Happened From New Exhibit
Seems like every few months we get teased with the possibility of sequels to beloved films -- stuff like 'Hellboy 3' or a new 'Blade Runner.' While some of these films may or may not ever happen, a new art exhibit explores the idea of sequels that will probably never exist, including sequels to 'Fight Club' and 'The Rocketeer.' Sure, franchise fatigue is real and it's a problem, but this artwork sure does make these sequels seem mighty attractive.
‘Fight Club 2′: Chuck Palahniuk Teases the Comic Book Sequel
Once upon a time, 'Fight Club' was a moderately successful book and a modestly successful movie. Now, the book and the movie (especially the movie) have become vital components of 21st century culture, with many maintaining that the film represents a high point in the career of director David Fincher...
'Fight Club 2' Finally in the Works
Since its 1999 release, David Fincher's 'Fight Club' has gone from box office disappointment to one of the most influential films in recent memory. When the film first achieved its cult sensation status, you just know that conversations were held about crafting a sequel. Now 'Fight Club 2' finally is coming, but it's coming from author Chuck Palahniuk who wrote the original novel, and, surprisingl
See the Cast of ‘Fight Club’ Then and Now
'Fight Club' was more controversial than successful when it came out in 1999. But David Fincher's gritty and highly stylized film adaptation of novelist Chuck Palahniuk's meditation on consumerism and masculinity has only gained in stature since its release and is now considered to be a modern day screen classic. See what the cast of 'Fight Club' is up to these days.
A Collection of the Coolest Alternate ‘Fight Club’ Posters
'Fight Club' had one of the best and most subversive marketing campaigns in modern movie history. There were classic teaser posters, the airplane safety card and hilarious PSAs among other examples. Director David Fincher, Brad Pitt, Fox and ad agency Weiden+Kennedy worked together to create a truly memorable campaign, but just because the 'Fight Club' marketing was memorable doesn't mean that we