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Many Unaccredited Writers Worked on the ‘Wonder Woman’ Story
Audiences have grown accustomed to seeing a slew of screenwriter credits on summer blockbusters. A few studios, like Universal and Paramount, have put together writers’ rooms for their biggest franchises; some films also have a host of different writers who either worked to develop the story or hammered out the final screenplay itself. Therefore, fans probably won’t bat an eye when they see three different writers’ names pop up in the Wonder Woman opening credits, but to hear one of the film’s producers tell it, that’s only part of the story. The road to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen involved a whole host of writers who didn’t end up mentioned in the final product.
'Young Justice' S3, DC 'Titans' Hit Digital Service in 2018
We’d been wondering what would become of Young Justice Season 3, to say nothing of DC’s long-defunct live-action Titans series, and now both have been scheduled in one fell swoop. Not only will both arrive in 2018, but Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders will spearhead a new DC-branded digital service.
DC's Geoff Johns Says Another TV Series Announced Soon
The CW has enough superheroes for one lifetime, between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, to say nothing of DC outliers like FOX’s Gotham. Well, get ready for another superhero (or villain?) to join the ranks in 2017, as those in the know say there’s another DC TV series on the way
‘Justice League’ to Address ‘Batman v Superman’ Complaints
Following Batman v Superman’s underwhelming box office, DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns was promoted to the position of creative head for WB’s DC Film franchise, overseeing the studio’s upcoming slate of comic-book movies. In addition to co-writing the new solo Batman film with Ben Affleck, Johns (who recently confirmed Joe Manganiello’s casting as DC villain Deathstroke) is heavily involved with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and in a new interview, the exec reveals how they’re making some adjustments to address complaints about Snyder’s Dawn of Justice.
Joe Manganiello to Play DC’s Deathstroke in New ‘Batman’
Just last week, Ben Affleck shared a new set video that revealed an interesting new addition to the DCEU: Deathstroke, the masked comic-book villain who sorta-kinda resembles Deadshot. That footage left us with a couple of big questions; who is playing Deathstroke, and is he appearing in Justice League or the new solo Batman movie? DC’s Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has given us the answer to one of those questions.

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