Superheroes are about to take over the streaming world of TV. Disney’s upcoming service is giving Loki and Scarlett Witch their own shows, and the DC Universe is about to debut new series on a just-launched streaming platform. Now, one of those DC shows has found its lead.

Geoff Johns’ Stargirl series has cast Nickelodeon star Brec Bassinger as the titular superhero. Bassinger is best known as Bella from Nickelodeon’s Bella and the Bulldogs, and has also appeared on the School of Rock TV series, The Goldbergs, and Hulu’s All Night. Johns will serve as the show’s executive producer, along with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, and also pen the pilot.

The drama follows Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore, a high school sophomore who discovers her stepfather was the superhero S.T.R.I.P.E., and the former sidekick to the Star-Spangled Kid. She finds the Star-Spangled Kid’s staff in her stepdad’s belongings and gains new super-powered abilities. After joining the Justice Society of America, she becomes the titular Stargirl.

The series is based on the character created by Johns in 1999, and was named after his sister who died in the TWA Flight 800 plane crash in 1996. Considering that, choosing the right actress was pretty important to him. “There is no other character in comic books more special to me than Stargirl, and after searching far and wide I can say there is no other actor on the planet that embodies her more than Brec Bassinger,” he said in a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter).

The DC streaming service launched last week – on Batman Day! You can sign up now, but the first live-action series Titans won’t air until October 12. In addition to Stargirl, other new series will include Harley Quinn, Young Justice: Outsiders, Doom Patrol, and Swamp Thing.

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