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Judd Apatow-Gillian Jacobs 'Love' Renewed for Season 3
It took some time for Judd Apatow’s Gillian Jacobs-Paul Rust relationship comedy Love to land its initial two-season order, but don’t expect Mickey and Gus not to make a third go of it. Netflix confirms that Love will return for Season 3 as well, while Season 2 premieres next month.
‘Don’t Think Twice’ Trailer Proves Improv Is Complicated
A film about the world of improv comedy from Mike Birbiglia will be an instant must-see for some of you, but if you’re anything like me, the phrase “improv comedy” usually makes your eyes roll. If this trailer doesn’t sway you (and it should), then rest assured that Don’t Think Twice is an incredibly funny and surprisingly relatable comedy that might make you shed a tear or two.
‘Love’ Trailer: Gillian Jacobs Wants You to Know Love Is a Lie
The first full trailer for Judd Apatow's new Netflix comedy series has arrived, bracing us for the reality that relationships are — to quote co-star Paul Rust — "f—ing bulls—." I mean, he's not totally wrong. Rust, who also wrote Pee-wee's Big Holiday for Netflix, co-stars with Gillian Jacobs in the new dark comedy about a pair of misfits with a cynical view on romance who begin to fall for one another despite their misgivings.
Gillian Jacobs-Judd Apatow 'Love' Gets Two Netflix Trailers
The first teaser for Judd Apatow and Community ex Gillian Jacobs’ new Netflix series Love didn’t exactly give us a sense of the series, nor did its photos, so do two first trailers fare any better? Almost certainly, as the two-season anti-romantic comedy proves just as vulgar and funny as we’d hoped.

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