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9 Facts You Might Not Know About History's 'Vikings'
History’s Vikings famously ditches the classic helmet imagery, but did you know the concept of filthy, horned raiders was historically inaccurate anyway? Or that the Travis Fimmel series pays homage to classic Norse myth in its titles? Sharpen your axes and fill your flagons, and let the 24th episode of ‘You Think You Know TV?’ take you along with Ragnar Lothbrok for a raiding party on History’s Vikings!
'Vikings' Season 4 Trailer Brings Blood, Betrayal and Bears
History’s Vikings might not make their next raid until early 2016, but Ragnar Lothbrok and his ever-bloodier brood always manage to bring fresh footage to Comic-Con. The first formal trailer for 2016's return shows that King Ragnar isn’t done with Paris just yet, while women seek to rule and brotherhoods are tested, and there’s even a bear!
History's 'Vikings' Renewed for Season 4 in 2016
Consistently excellent, though perhaps underwritten about, History’s Vikings show no signs of slowing down through 2015 or 2016. The historical fantasy (ish) drama has officially been renewed for another raid in Season 4, continuing the tale of warrior-philosopher-king Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).
'Vikings' Season 3 Trailer and Photos
History’s ‘Vikings’ will mount their biggest offensive yet when season 3's February 19 debut sees Ragnar setting his sights on the city of Paris itself, and thankfully the historical drama has a full trailer and photo set to match its scale. Charge into battle with our longest look yet at the new season of ‘Vikings,’ and see who sheds the most blood!

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