History’s Vikings might not make their next raid until early 2016, but Ragnar Lothbrok and his ever-bloodier brood always manage to bring fresh footage to Comic-Con. The first formal trailer for 2016's return shows that King Ragnar isn’t done with Paris just yet, while women seek to rule and brotherhoods are tested, and there’s even a bear!

Prior to the Friday Comic-Con panel’s release, History debuted a painful tease of Vikings Season 4, recounting all the brutal ends throughout the series, getting even more elaborate with a Season 4 tease of an icy Bjorn facing down a bear. The proper trailer brought far more to tease however, as Floki finally faces the consequences of killing Athelstan, while the women seek to rule Kattegat, and Rollo may yet have another opportunity to betray his kingly brother.

Elsewhere of Vikings Season 4, we know that Finnish actors Peter Franzen and Jasper Paakkonen have joined in the role of Scandinavian King Harald Finehair and his younger brother Halfdan the Black, while Dianne Doan will play Yidu, a mysterious Chinese woman with a large role in events of the season. Showrunner Michael Hirst has also promised yet another time-jump, cryptically teasing that Season 4 would introduce a “god” in some form.

Take an early pillage into Vikings Season 4 by the trailer above and teaser below, and stay tuned for the latest from the horde.

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