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‘Gemini’ Trailer: Best Friends Kill Each Other All the Time
If all of my knowledge about Los Angeles was taken from movies I’ve seen (and, honestly, it is), I’d say that L.A. was full of high-profile murders, shifty-eyed detectives, and women who look very cool doing regular stuff. That’s certainly the vibe I get from the trailer of Aaron Katz’s Gemini, which stars Lola Kirke as an actress’s (Zoe Kravitz) personal assistant and buddy who gets wrapped up in a shocking murder mystery.
John Cho Learns About Architecture in the ‘Columbus’ Trailer
’Tis the season for a whole bunch of Sundance favorites to start cropping up in theaters near you, and amongst all the Bad Batches and Big Sicks this one small, understated drama shouldn’t be overlooked. In Columbus, John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson play out their own Lost in Translation: Two lost souls happen upon each other and strike up a connection in spite of their uncertainties about their futures.
'Star Trek's Bryan Fuller Responds to Gay Sulu Controversy
Star Trek Beyond took an affirmative step toward LGBTQ representation with word that John Cho’s Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu would be depicted with a husband, though original portrayer George Takei had a surprisingly negative reaction to the nod toward his own sexuality. Now, leading the charge to put Trek back on TV with Star Trek: Discovery, Bryan Fuller weighs in on the “lovely move of inclusivity.”
‘Star Trek Beyond’ Review: Why We Need Star Trek Now More Than Ever
It’s been a while since the crew of the Starship Enterprise visited a strange new world in search of new life and civilizations. The Star Trek of television was full of strange new worlds; the Enterprise seemed to discover one every single week. The Trek movies, so focused on special effects, violence, and intricate revenge plots, have frequently strayed from Trek’s original mission. And while there’s plenty of action and excitement in Star Trek Beyond, there’s also a clear attempt to return this series to its core principles: Exploration, diplomacy, teamwork, and the hope for a better tomorrow. After the missteps of the punishingly bleak and the unfortunately rehashy Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s a necessary and welcome course correction; a Star Trek back into the light.

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