John Landis

Get Ready for Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ in 3D
Hard to believe that eight years have already passed since Michael Jackson’s death, but time’s a goon like that. And as the King of Pop settles in the ground, the question of what shape his legacy will take must be answered. While we’d be remiss to gloss over the ethical lapses …
Original ‘Star Wars’ Theatrical Cuts Coming to Blu-ray?
Fans of Star Wars have long held something of a grudge against director George Lucas for altering the theatrical cuts of the original trilogy with additional CGI for the DVD and Blu-ray releases, making the unaltered versions unavailable to own. But that may be about to change, as director John Land…
Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Is Getting a 3D Release
Although he passed away five years ago, Michael Jackson is still just as prolific as ever, and the King of Pop might be headed to the big screen soon as John Landis, director of the seminal music video "Thriller," has plans for a 3D rerelease. Well, eventually, anyway.