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John Oliver to Voice Posh Little Zazu in ‘Lion King’ Reboot
The upcoming Lion King will bear only a slight resemblance to the Disney animated classic families know and love. As with director Jon Favreau’s earlier rework of The Jungle Book, this film will shoot in live-action (a questionable term when all of the main characters are computer-generated imaged, but whatever) and eschew the musical numbers of the original film. A new casting notice has apprised us of yet another change to the fabric of the film, specifically that Simba’s toucan pal Zazu will now spend the film pointing emphatically to graphics in the upper-left-hand corner of the screen and screaming at fictitious office coworker Janice in Accounting.
'Girls' Final Season Sets 2017 Premiere With HBO 'Crashing'
Whether or not you’re ready to say goodbye to HBO’s Girls, the end is officially nigh. HBO has formally set a date for the final episodes of Lena Dunham’s twenty-something trials, along with a badly-needed return date for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, and a premiere for Judd Apatow and Pete Holmes’ Crashing.
John Oliver Burns Down 2016 in 'Last Week Tonight' Sign-Off
Whether or not your personal politics ended up validated over the last few weeks, few would argue that 2016 has at least proven a challenging year. Certainly not John Oliver, who used the final Last Week Tonight of the year to look back on Trump’s election, and literally blow up 2016 with a spectacular goodbye.
John Oliver Apologizes for Past Trump, Cubs Predictions
If nothing else, the events of 2016 have gone to show us just how wrong presumptions can be, whether potentially hilarious presidential bids, or century-long baseball curses. Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver learned both the hard way, recalling past Daily Show clips in which he’d made catastrophically bad taunts in hindsight.
John Oliver 'Spotlight' Parody Takes Aim at Print Journalism
Last Week Tonight host John Oliver rails often enough against the HBO series being mistaken for journalism; it was only a matter of time the series itself would put the Spotlight on actual press. And so, to cap off a piece highlighting the plight of print journalists, Oliver recruited Vinyl star Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne and more for their very own Spotlight parody, Stoplight.

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