Justin Lin

'Knight Rider' Rebooting as Justin Lin Digital Series
We’ve already had one Knight Rider reboot stall out (it was a Transformer voiced by Val Kilmer, guys), but is KITT making another comeback? Looks like NBC might be getting a little Fast & Furious with a new digital series produced by Justin Lin, bringing Knight Rider back to the road.
Justin Lin Is Hopping Behind the Wheel of ‘Hot Wheels’
Hasbro currently stands at the top of the pile of toy-based live-action movies with a fifth Transformers chapter on the way, but Mattel is slowly catching up. With the Max Steel feature film on the way later this year, the toy company is revving its engines for another potential franchise starter, a…
‘Star Trek Beyond’ Gets One Last Trailer
Paramount has released the fourth and final trailer for Star Trek Beyond ahead of the film’s July 22 release, and if early word is to be believed (and we think it is), you have every reason to be optimistic about the new sequel. Shorter, punchier and more action-packed than the first three pr…
‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Reveals a Bold New Threat
If you weren’t particularly sold by the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond, then you may find the latest preview for Justin Lin’s sequel far more persuasive. It has a bit of everything: emotion, drama, epic intergalactic action, and Idris Elba as a menacing new villain unlike any the c…

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