Kate Winslet

‘Collateral Beauty’ Is One of the Worst Movies of 2016
This review contains basic plot details for Collateral Beauty which for some reason were not included in the movie’s trailer. If you don’t want to know the movie’s basic premise, don’t read this article. I would also recommend not seeing the movie, but that’s up to…
Kate Winslet to Play Iconic War Correspondent Lee Miller
The words “Kate Winslet period drama” work like magic, and if you’re a fan of the actress’ period film work, then you’re going to be excited about this news. Winslet has signed on to portray Lee Miller, Vogue’s iconic correspondent and photographer during Wo…
‘Triple 9’ Gets Brutal in Red Band Trailer
John Hillcoat is the director behind The Road and Lawless, which makes Triple 9 an instant must-see. Originally conceived as a starring vehicle for Lawless star Shia LaBeouf, Triple 9 was put on the back burner for a few years before Hillcoat got back to work on it, replacing LaBeouf with Casey Affl…
‘Steve Jobs’ Review: iDidntloveit
Apple introduced the iMac computer to the market with one of the most famous marketing slogans of all time: “Think different.” If nothing else, Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs embodies that sentiment.

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