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HBO's 'Veep' and 'Silicon Valley' Renewed for 2017 As Well
Ahead of what will likely prove one of its biggest recorded weekends, HBO already issued a 2017 renewal to Game of Thrones, and now its comedy companions follow suit. Not only will our beloved Veep stay in office for a sixth season, so too will Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley bumble through the tech revolution for a fourth year.
'Silicon Valley' S3 Trailer Gives Pied Piper a Bloody Nose
Game of Thrones isn’t the only major return anticipated for 2016, as the same night will see Mike Judge tech comedy Silicon Valley returning for its third season, this time with a new head at Pied Piper’s table. And speaking of heads and tables, bloody your nose with the hilarious first teaser for Silicon Valley’s 2016 premiere!
'Silicon Valley' Season 2 Trailer Has Trouble for Pied Piper
HBO hilariously (and profanely) reintroduced us to the world of Mike Judge tech comedy Silicon Valley by its first Season 2 teaser, though with April 12 fast approaching, Pied Piper finally has new footage to show. Who’s ready for the efficient prioritization of bros by the first official Silicon Valley Season 2 trailer?
HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Season 2 Trailer
HBO’s breakout Mike Judge tech comedy ‘Silicon Valley’ came in a bit under the radar its first year, but the lads of Pied Piper will officially hit the big time in season 2, judging by the first trailer of its April 12 premiere. Break out some headphones for the surprisingly-profane and NSFW trailer of ‘Silicon Valley’ season 2!

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