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‘The Foreigner’ Trailer: Jackie Chan Gets His ‘Taken’
Didn’t Jackie Chan retire from action movies? Did I dream that? Google seems to back me up; about five years ago, Chan said he was done with the action films that made him an international superstar. A year later, though, Chan said he wasn’t retired, and four years after that he’s continued to appear in various martial-arts and action projects. And now here’s The Foreigner, with Chan cast as a guy who regularly flips dudes through tables.
Watch ‘The Only Living Boy in New York’ Trailer
You know those movies that you could swear were more suited to twenty years ago, and yet studios insist on putting them out in the year 2017? That’s the feeling you might get while watching the newly released trailer for The Only Living Boy in New York, a movie that involves, among other things, a young lad encouraged by Jeff Bridges to manipulate the girl he likes into liking him back by getting cozy with his father’s mistress.

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