Project Runway

‘Project Runway’ Review: “It’s All About Me”
This week's episode of 'Project Runway' brings the highly-anticipated HP textile challenge, where the designers must create their own patterned fabrics for use in their designs. It's one of the most difficult challenges, and one that threatens to break a few of them early on.
‘Project Runway’ Review: “Starving Artist”
After the judges granted the contestants a reprieve during last week's elimination, inflating the show with positive energy, we knew they had to burst that bubble as soon as possible, right? This week's episode of 'Project Runway' features another team challenge, which means Dram…
‘Project Runway’ Review: “Oh My Lord and Taylor”
This week Lord and Taylor ceases its quiet existence as purveyors of shoes and baubles on the notorious accessory wall of 'Project Runway' and steps into the action, giving the designers a very special -- and very specific -- challenge. And most of them aren't too happy about it.
‘Project Runway’ Review: “Fix My Friend”
When 'Project Runway' started this season, it seemed obvious that Gunnar would be our antagonist, but last week's hysterics seemed to hint that maybe Elena is our emerging villain. You guys, we were all so wrong. Ven is the bad guy here, and we should have seen it coming this whole ti…
‘Project Runway’ Review: “Women On the Go”
This week on 'Project Runway' we'll solve the mystery of what the hell happened to Andrea, who disappeared in the middle of the night after last week's tense judging panel, where Christopher threw her under the bus to the judges. Who will disappear next?

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