Ray Stevenson

'Black Sails' Prepares for the End in First Season 4 Trailer
It wasn’t terribly surprising of Starz to cap its Treasure Island prequel Black Sails at a healthy four seasons, given the programming shift to Sundays and several major incoming dramas, but don’t expect the pirate drama to go quietly. See for yourself in the first official Season 4 trailer of the final year, ahead of a January premiere.
The Warriors Three Might Be Back for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’
While many fans of the Thor movies gravitate towards the charismatic villainy of Tom Hiddleston  —  and for very good reason  —  I’ve always secretly had a thing for Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. Thor’s faithful allies have never gotten a tremendous amount of screen time, but they have always been there when things get a little out of hand, ready to throw down against frost demons, alien armies, and disloyal Asgardians alike.
'Thor 2' Clip: Chris Hemsworth Makes a Dramatic Entrance
Marvel's latest 'Thor 2' clip promises that, despite the new territories director Alan Taylor will take us to and the new villains wreaking havoc in the universe, Thor is still the same old Thor, who is exploding with self-confidence and prefers swooping in to save the day.
‘Dexter’ Gets His Big Bad Villain for Season 7
Since a storm of leaks and details has been brewing around 'Dexter's seventh season, its only natural that eventually the first strike would hit.  And now, with the first official casting announcement for a major recurring role, 'Dexter' might just have stuck a blade in its upcoming season's major villain!