While many fans of the Thor movies gravitate towards the charismatic villainy of Tom Hiddleston  —  and for very good reason  —  I’ve always secretly had a thing for Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. Thor’s faithful allies have never gotten a tremendous amount of screen time, but they have always been there when things get a little out of hand, ready to throw down against frost demons, alien armies, and disloyal Asgardians alike.

And while their names haven’t been featured too prominently in the rumors for Thor: Ragnarok, that may have more to do with the plethora of wonderful additions to the franchise (Cate Blanchett! Jeff Goldblum! Tessa Thompson! Karl Urban!) than the characters or actors themselves. Thankfully, the good folks at ComicBookMovie.com have been doing a little bit of social media sleuthing to prove we can expect to see them in the upcoming film.

Hello Australia😊

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As the original article notes, fans were a little surprised when Ray Stevenson, Tadanobu Asano, and Zachary Levi were left off the cast list for the third Thor movie. While it’s entirely possible that Stevenson and Asano just happen to be in the same part of Australia at the same time that Thor: Ragnarok is filming, it all just seems a little too cute to be coincidence. No official word on Levi (Fandral the Dashing) or Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif), but at this point, it’s probably safe to assume that both actors are just better at keeping a secret on social media than their globe-trotting counterparts.

Thor: Ragnarok will hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

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