Robin Hood

‘Robin Hood’ Origin Movie Pushed Back Six Months
Just about every major studio in Hollywood has a new Robin Hood movie in the works, which means we’ll all be pretty sick of the famously charitable thief in the next few years or so. But it looks like the Robin Hood deluge has been slightly delayed, as the first of those films — an origin story starring Taron Egerton — was just pushed back six months. Feel free to use this extra time as you see fit; read a Stephen King novel, learn a new skill, have an existential crisis, or make some flash cards and memorize all the different Robin Hood movies that are coming out. You’ll be the envy of all your needlessly confused friends!
Margot Robbie to Slay in War Epic ‘Marian’
There are approximately 82 Robin Hood movies (OK, more like five) in development at various studios right now, including the gritty Robin Hood: Origins starring Taron Egerton and Jamie Foxx. Should all those projects make their way to the big screen, we’re going to be experiencing a bit of Robin Hood fatigue, to say the least — that’s where Margot Robbie comes in.
Dystopian ‘Robin Hood’ Coming From ‘300’ Producers
It’s getting hard to keep track of all the different Robin Hood movies currently in development, and since not one of them has hit theaters as of yet, it’s difficult to say if Robin Hood will be the Next Big Thing or if Hollywood is just trying too hard to make him happen. Add yet another Robin Hood movie to the pile, as the producers behind 300 are giving us the futuristic, dystopian version of the character, which actually sounds nothing like Robin Hood at all.
Another Robin Hood Movie Is in the Works Now
Four. That is the now the number of Robin Hood movies in the works at various studios. How many different versions of this story do we need? Four is apparently the answer, so get ready for Sherwood Forest fatigue (or you could just go to a Ren Faire). The newest Robin Hood film has been set up at Warner Bros., although the studio hasn’t revealed what their take on the property is just yet, so it could be a gritty reimagining or an animated film or sock puppets.
They’re Making Another ‘Robin Hood’ Movie For Some Reason
Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This old adage applies everywhere, but it especially applies in Hollywood, where major studios are vying to make a re-imagined “gritty” Robin Hood movie only five years after the previous re-imagined “gritty” Robin Hood movie was a colossal critical and financial failure. That brings us to Robin Hood: Origins (actual title), which brings the number of Robin Hood movies currently in development up to three.
Disney Making Competing Robin Hood Film
A while back we reported about Sony's plans for a Marvel-style universe of 'Robin Hood' films because a "shared universe" is the current trend in action-adventure franchises. Not to be outdone, Disney also has their own competing Robin Hood movie now in the works—but this one will be much different, drawing comparisons to their successful 'Pirates of the Caribbean' franchise ... because when you think of Robin Hood and his band of merry men, you definitely think Johnny Depp in a silly hat. Oh no, we just gave them a terrible idea.