Step Up Revolution

‘Step Up 4: Revolution’ Review
There’s an essential piece of guidance to bear in mind if you’re choosing whether or not to watch 'Step Up: Revolution,' the newest instalment in the ‘Step Up’ franchise. If you’re capable of taking it at face value as a…
‘Step Up Revolution’ Won’t Be Changed
There was word out that because 'Step Up Revolution' has a scene where characters break in to a party while wearing body armor and gas masks, and then use gas grenades to threaten the guests the film might be altered. Worry no more, says Summit.
New Movie Releases – July 2012
Happy 'Dark Knight Rises' and 'Amazing Spider-Man' month, everyone! You could tell us that you're not into either of these comic book heroes and we wouldn't believe you, but we'll still give you plenty of other new movie releases to choose from for July 2012. That …