With this 'Step Up Revolution' poster, we can't tell if the main guy is holding the woman, or being blocked from trying to cop a feel. Regardless, wet T-shirts, dancing, and Florida seem to make up the selling points of the new 'Step Up' posters, so take a look at the three new posters for the film.

Here's the standard poster:

It's a boy and a girl, a palm tree and a dude kicking. You get it, there's dance and romance. Though the film looks like it could be a guilty pleasure, we'd be just as entertained if somehow the two leads got into a nuclear experiment and became that tall. They could still dance, or destroy the coastline. Either or, really.

This one's got some flavor:

Here they're selling cars ('Fast and Furious'), a returning cast member and riot gear. This film may be replete with dancer on dancer violence. It's a dance dance revolution so perhaps one character is the Dance Dance Che Che Guevara.

Then there's this poster:

This makes the film look like Michael Jackson's video for 'Smooth Criminal.' Which doesn't do much with the revolution aspect. Regardless, the movie comes out July 27, and we expect that the film will contain ridiculous dance numbers and a sappy plot. Can't wait, especially if they do become mutated giant dancers.