Sundance Film Festival

‘Call Me By Your Name’ Review: An Exquisite and Sensual Queer Romance
Nothing aches quite like first love. It grips hold of you like a disease, consuming you with desire, enveloping your day dreams with only thoughts of another’s face, scent, or smile. In Call Me By Your Name, Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino takes us to the sun-drenched Italian countryside for an exquisite queer romance that you’ll want to soak up every minute of.
The ‘Crown Heights’ Trailer Is About Much More Than One Man
The winner of this year’s Sundance Audience Award is coming to theaters this fall, with a trailer that looks absolutely amazing. Crown Heights, starring Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield and directed by Matt Ruskin, is the true story of the wrongful conviction of 18-year-old Colin Warner in 1982, and the fight to get him out of prison.
Watch the Trailer for Sports Doping Documentary ‘Icarus’
Don’t you hate it when your documentary about sports doping gets scooped right before a big Olympics? That’s exactly what happened to Bryan Fogel, who started out making Icarus before the news of the Russian team’s doping habits surfaced at last year’s Rio Olympics. Far from letting his new documentary slide into the ether, Fogel decided to go further into the conspiracy, immersing himself in the secretive world of Russian sports doping.
Watch the Trailer for Sundance Film Festival Standout ‘Gook’
Despite the fact that the Sundance Film Festival purports to cater to independent artists, there’s still a push towards established names over new artists. Take Gook, for example. Although the film ultimately received an audience award, you won’t find Gook on any of the pre-festival lists of highly anticipated films, perhaps suggesting that our industry still focuses a bit more on the filmmakers whose work we already know (to the detriment of those just starting out). Thankfully, the film about race relations during the Los Angeles riots found its distributor over the summer, and now audiences around the country will have a chance to see Gook in theaters.
‘The Discovery’ Review: Netflix’s Afterlife Movie Doesn’t Live Up to Its Ambitious Premise
What happens when death, the thing people fear most, becomes the most desirable part of life? Charlie McDowell’s The Discovery imagines a world where the afterlife has scientifically been proven, and as a result millions of people are committing suicide “to get there,” as it’s often referred to in the film’s not-so-distant future. But the biggest and most disturbing quandary is, what exactly is “there?” If life after death does exist, what if it’s worse than the world we know, or perhaps an even scarier thought, what if it’s better and what does that mean for the value and meaning we place on the lives we’ve been living?
Melanie Lynskey on Kicking Ass In Her Netflix Movie
Melanie Lynskey was surprised when she learned her latest role was written with her in mind. In Netflix’s I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore, Melanie Lynskey plays Ruth, a depressed nursing assistant who appears to be your average woman in a quirky indie comedy. But Macon Blair’s (Blue Ruin) feature film debut isn’t interested in showing us anything we’ve seen before; he’s interested in showing us Melanie Lynskey as a badass action star.

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