The Hunt

The CW’s ‘Capture': First Trailer For New ‘Hunger Games’-Esque Reality Competition
Many times in the past year we've heard about The CW attempting to capitol-ize (heh) on the teen success of blockbuster franchise 'The Hunger Games,' first developing multiple iterations of the futuristic competition drama 'The Selection,' and this coming summer with reality competition series 'Capture' (which was originally named 'The Hunt'). The first official trailer for 'Capture' has hit the n
The CW Making a ‘Hunger Games’ Reality Series?
You might want to start stocking up on canned goods and elaborate wigs, because the dystopian future of 'The Hunger Games' might be here sooner than we thought. We've just learned that The CW has greenlit a new reality survival series entitled 'The Hunt,' whose premise should seem awfully familiar to fans of the worldwide novel phenomenon. Will the odds be ever in its favor? Find out who will face
And the Cannes Winners Are…
The 2012 Cannes Film Festival has come to an end. One of the world's most famous film fests, it's a natural trendsetter, a place where many of the best films you'll see all year first gain traction. What took home the big awards this year and therefore, should immediately be on your film radar? Read on to find out!