The Purge 2

'The Purge 2' Trailer: Is the Second Time the Charm?
If the latest 'Purge 2' trailer is any indication, this is the movie we all wanted the first one to be. While 'The Purge' introduced a fascinating premise and proceeded to squander it with a fairly rote home invasion thriller story, the sequel looks bigger and crazier, taking adv…
'Cap 3' Villain?
Frank Grillo isn't 50 yet -- he just turned 49 earlier this month -- but the Internet, led by IMDb and Wikipedia, has aged him by two years ... and Grillo seems resigned to this fact. It's almost fitting: Grillo, who has been acting for over 20 years, but is just now starting to become a h…
New 'The Purge 2' Trailer
Frank Grillo is about to make a big impression with his role as Crossbones in 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier,' but before that, check out his new horror role in the latest 'The Purge 2' trailer (the film being officially titled 'The Purge: Anarchy'). Grillo plays …
'The Purge 2' Trailer: This Time It's All-Out 'Anarchy'!
This is your emergency broadcast system to tell you that the 'Purge 2' trailer is finally online, and it brings back such fond memories of last year's hit summer horror -- only this time, we're headed away from the comfort of suburbia and straight into the heart of the city.
'The Purge 2' Hacks Up First Plot Details
After 'The Purge' became a summer horror sensation with Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, Blumhouse Productions was ready for 'The Purge 2.' Though the film had a perfect formula applicable to various side stories, details on where the story would take us next proved scarce. Fortunate…
'The Purge 2' Will Commence in June 2014
After making bank on the first installment for such a relatively small production budget, Universal quickly signed off on 'The Purge 2.' So what date should we be sharpening our best blades for? Get ready because the next Purge will commence in eight months.
'The Purge 2' Returns Original Director
When 'The Purge' opened to $34 million earlier this year, 'The Purge 2' became inevitable. Produced for only $3 million, the sci-fi-tinged home-invasion movie is one of the biggest hits of the year so far, second only to 'The Conjuring' when it comes to horror. If you were hoping 'The Purge 2' would…
‘The Purge 2′ is Coming (But That’s No Shocker)
This weekend 'The Purge' made $34 million at the box office. As the film had a production budget of $3 million, that means the film started to turn a profit less than a day after it was released. So it's no surprise that they're moving forward with a sequel.