After making bank on the first installment for such a relatively small production budget, Universal quickly signed off on 'The Purge 2.' So what date should we be sharpening our best blades for? Get ready because the next Purge will commence in eight months.

The studio revealed Wednesday that 'The Purge 2' will drop on June 20, 2014, almost in the same release slot of the first, which came out June 7 of this past year.

Blumhouse Productions, which has been churning out some pretty stellar horror titles recently, will return to produce the sequel. In the world of 'The Purge,' all crime -- including murder -- is made legal for 12 hours every year, affording Americans an outlet for their frustrations. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey headlined the first film, though it's hard to say where the next round of Purging will take us.

Original writer-director James DeMonaco returns to helm the sequel, and perhaps he'll yield another low-budget money maker. 'The Purge' was produced on a $3 million budget with a $90 million worldwide payoff, though there is, of course, the possibility that audiences won't want to sit through another rehashing of the same sort of events.

Filming is likely to commence by the end of the year, considering Universal will lose its 25-percent tax credit otherwise.