The Romanoffs

‘The Romanoffs’ Trailer Teases ‘Mad Men’ Creator’s Latest
The Romanoffs raised some eyebrows with its first trailer — the size of the amazing ensemble cast alone seemed wildly ambitious, and left us wondering how Matthew Weiner could gracefully juggle all these interconnected story lines. But the new trailer for the Mad Men creator’s Amazon series comes with some additional details that shed light on Weiner’s approach: It’s an anthology.
‘The Romanoffs’ Trailer Stars Literally Everyone You Love
Matthew Weiner’s The Romanoffs is easily our most anticipated new series on Amazon, but if you were expecting another drama in the vein of Mad Men, the first trailer for Weiner’s latest TV project might throw you for a loop. With an insane ensemble (seriously, everyone is in this thing) and a story that spans seven countries and eight (!) stories, The Romanoffs looks incredibly ambitious and a bit more idiosyncratic than Weiner’s acclaimed AMC series.
Amazon Rethinks Weiner, Russell Series Over Weinstein Ties
It’s hard to chart where exactly the ousting of Harvey Weinstein will lead next, but it certainly calls into question a number of Weinstein company projects. Two such Amazon outings are now “reviewing” Weinstein involvement, potentially setting back Matt Weiner’s The Romanoffs and a new David O. Russell-Robert De Niro drama.

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